Painting the Moment

Bryan Coombes - Gallery 204.jpg

Bryan Coombes has a background as a commercial pilot, mountaineer, traveler and photographer.  His varied experiences enable him to explore painting from many perspectives.

Bryan is amazed at the profound and simple beauty of the world. He often asks himself, “Why is our world so beautiful?”  The vast spectrum of subjects, and all the different ways of painting them, excite him like nothing else! 

When he is painting he becomes the observer.  He slows down and beholds the world. Bryan feels that painting allows him to slip into the now, into the eternal moment.  While painting, Bryan perceives that everything truly is here and now... the hands on his watch stop.

Bryan is renowned for his nocturnal scenes of campfires, where embers dance with the stars.  Bryan lives in Langley, B.C., with his family, where he divides his time between working as a realtor and painting, exhibiting, and teaching art workshops.

Showing now in Gallery n. 204 as part of our Canadian Landscapes exhibition: