Carmel CLARE

Inquisitive and Contemporary

Carmel Clare - Gallery 204.jpg

Born in Penkth, England, Carmel Clare moved to Canada at a young age.  Her early years were spent in Burlington, Ontario.  At the age of 18 she travelled as a volunteer with Katimavik, affording her an opportunity to tour Canada.  While traveling, she was struck by the dramatic landscape and ocean of the West, making it her home in 1989.

Carmel cannot remember a time when she did not enjoy producing art.  Through the years she has explored the genres of human portraiture, still life, animals, and landscape, in a variety of media.  She currently prefers working in acrylics where she combines her expertise in watercolour with the textural advantages of acrylic, to capture feeling, colour, space, and strength in her work. 

Carmel’s work departs from “traditional” realism. She takes a theme and bends it, changing it to make it her own.  Her paintings are playful and inquisitive, and have a very contemporary feel with a unique palette.

Carmel sees art as a wonderful and enriching journey and feels privileged to live a life where she can focus on the physical act of creating and sharing her vision with the public.  She hopes that her work will instil a love for nature in the viewer, and inspire people to participate in, and not take for granted, our precious natural world.

Carmel divides her time between gallery work and teaching art classes.  When she is not painting she is outside, with her two Cairn Terriers, exploring nature and ever in search of beauty and inspiration.

Showing now in Gallery n. 204 as part of our Canadian Landscapes exhibition: