Art of the West

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Doug Levitt is a Calgary-based artist who specialises in Western art and Native cultural paintings.

Prior to embracing art, Doug had a diverse career, working as an actor and theatre director as well as in construction.  He had a passion for martial arts and triathlon.  A serious accident changed the course of his life and moved him to become an artist – a calling that he believes is his destiny.   Since 2002 Doug has worked as a full-time painter.   

Doug is entirely self-taught. He paints in oils using the alla prima method.  He finishes most of his paintings in one session.  He does not use grids or projectors or any other drawing aids as he does not want to rely on tools, rather he wants his paintings to grow in their own way.  He starts from a focal point and works out from there. Doug’s focus is always the paint!  He is fascinated by the painting process and loves applying paint. Paint is always the main character in his work. 

Doug is inspired by diverse themes; therefore his oeuvre spans a broad spectrum. Doug believes that an artist is a storyteller.  For the past decade, Doug’s work has been juried into the renowned Calgary Stampede’s Western Art Show.  He has also shown extensively throughout the USA..

Doug works from his home-based studio in Calgary, where he also teaches art classes and workshops.

Showing now in Gallery n. 204 as part of our Canadian Landscapes exhibition: