Impressions of Nature

Gaye Adams - Gallery 204.jpg

As a child, the closest companion of Gaye Adams was her sketchbook.  She can’t recall a time when she didn’t draw.  An enchantment with the natural world developed throughout the years, and most especially a fascination of the way in which light revealed itself and modelled forms.  Gaye's interest in rendering the effects of light has endured as the focus of her artistic studies and continues to fascinate her and challenge her as a painter.

Gaye strives to say less with more, and enjoys the process of simplification when painting, letting the paint reveal a language of it’s own. During the course of her artistic career, she has explored many mediums and methods, initially as a pastel artist, and most currently she expresses herself with oil paints. She paints on location outdoors often, and finds that working from life both in and out of the studio is a vital part of her continuing development as a painter. Through the years Gaye as traveled widely to explore various painting locations.

Gaye considers herself to be a life-long student of art and has come to realise that sharing her knowledge with other painters on the journey brings both joy and fulfilment.  It also provides a ways for her to pay forward the generosity of her many teachers and mentors.  She loves to share her passion, and is in demand as a workshop instructor.

Gaye holds senior signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, and has received the designation of "Master Pastellist" from the Pastel Artists of Canada.  She is also a member of the Oil Painters of America. Gaye has garnered awards at the international level.  Articles and images of her artwork have been presented in numerous art publications.

When not travelling to paint or teach, Gaye works out of her home studio in Port Kells, in the Lower Mainland.

Showing now in Gallery n. 204 as part of our Canadian Landscapes exhibition: