First Impressions

Katina Geisbrecht - Gallery 204.jpg

Katina Giesbrecht  is a visual artist with a Bachelor of Applied Design from Kwantlen University.  She currently works from her home studio in Cloverdale, where she loves to explore her creative ideas through monotype printing.

Monotype is a unique printmaking process that results in just one unique print. ‘Mono’ is a Greek word meaning one, and ‘type’ means impression. Monotype pieces are created by manipulating paint or inks on a smooth work surface and then by transferring the paint and design to paper by applying pressure by hand. Monotype art is filled with spontaneity and produces one-off pieces that cannot be replicated - each pulled print yields a surprise.

In the midst of a fast paced and high-tech world, Katina desires to find peace through artful expressions.  Katina’s work features calm colors and the juxtaposition of restful layers. She creates pieces that reflect a gentle respite - a place to pause.

Showing now in Gallery n. 204 as part of our Canadian Landscapes exhibition: