Continuing the Tradition

Suzanne Erickson - Gallery 204.jpg

Suzanne Erickson uses hard-shelled gourds as her medium.  Gourds are one of the oldest cultivated plants, dating back thousands of years.  Throughout history they have been decorated, used in ceremony, and given as gifts to prominent members of society. For centuries gourds have been treasured works of art and have been prized by collectors.

Suzanne is fascinated by the history of gourds and how they were used, and she is curious about the people that cultivated them.  Her own work with gourds displays a unique combination of ancient tradition and contemporary design.  Suzanne believes that gourds have such a special story to tell! 

Suzanne's visual language is unique and bold.  Her expressions are inspired by the natural world. She uses a variety of techniques, including engraving, drawing, colouring with inks and dyes, and decorating to create beautiful effects. 

Suzanne is a multi-faceted artist and a professional engraver, renowned for her designs on metal, crystal, and glass, since 1998. Suzanne has studied calligraphy and hand engraving with master craftsmen in Utah and Texas.  She also enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others, and offers seminars and talks on the art of gourds.